Participant comments

Jeff G. (Tech. Business Owner)

"Amazing techniques that I have never heard of before for me to zero in on exactly what I want and focus while the rest of my world was spinning out of control".

Ann S. (Marketing Executive)

"Simple, practical tools for anyone that has been unfocused before in their lives. These tools are one's I will use over and over as I concentrate on what's important to me".

Chris P. (Government Contractor)

I was able to completely shift my focus from what I thought I wanted to what I really wanted deep down for my life. Within a couple of weeks, I had a new plan for my life".

Dave D. (GC Business Owner)

"The personal guidance I got from this material was so awesome, I hired the guides to train my staff at our offices. Now my entire company and employees are very well focused as well".

Joan W. (Fortune 100 Exec.)

"I achieved in a few weeks what I have been searching for over my entire life. The simplistic techniques and repeatable tools are things I will have for life. Best material I've found yet".

Pat T. (Entertainer / Producer)

"By far the best money ever spent on course work designed to get me and keep me focused. I am ADD and have struggled with focusing all my life. That's not the case any more".

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