13-week LIVE/in-person program

Find Your Focus with Think & Grow Rich Success Principles

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A weekly meeting for Chicago-Based, Busy Professionals who want to be guided through the classic Success Principles found in the ageless classic book, Think & Grow Rich. Trained by the Napoleon Hill Protege, Bob Proctor, C. Gordon Moose guides participants through this classic material which has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. This one-hour, weekly meeting has been described as the most powerful hour in many peoples lives. We apply these 13 Principles to guide people to get and stay focused in all areas of their lives.


13-week telephonic program

Find Your Focus with Think & Grow Rich Success Principles

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This is the Tele-Phonic version of the LIVE/In-Person course described above. The main difference is it is designed for people that are not local to a specific area who want to exercise these same Success Principles in a group setting, remotely. We cover the same material, in the same order, simply over the phone rather than in person. Different venue, same results.


Corporate Group 13-week program

Find Your Focus within Your Organization (13-weeks)

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This is the Corporate or Related Group version of the above mentioned program. The concept is to have the group organizer or corporate manager outline what their objectives are for the group such that the guide can fulfill on those expectations.  This guidance gets the entire group thinking and focused on the same material moving forward. This guidance is typically via SKIPE or ZOOM calls and can also be done LIVE/In-Person for additional consideration. Groups over 10 participants are scheduled at a slight increase in the tuition, based on additional number of participants involved.


One-on-One Accountability guidance (6 Month)

Find Your Focus, One-on-One

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This guidance is completely customized to the situation and scenario of the participant. The first step is a phone interview to ensure that the participant and the guide are on the same page. Weekly guidance varies between 1 - 1.5  hours of interaction, depending on what is happening with the participant at different stages of their life. Adjustments and alterations are required as the 6-month time period unfolds. We dive deep into what the participant desires, and ask the tough questions about why they do not have it yet. This is a profound journey that many people never muster the guts to take, as it truly produces life-shifting  outcomes and remarkable results for the rest of your life. 

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