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Personal Growth through Positive Thinking

Personal Growth through Positive Thinking

Personal Growth through Positive ThinkingPersonal Growth through Positive Thinking

"Find Your Focus" Founder Success

Personal Journey of Balance & Focus

Over the course of my life's achievements, in my relationships, with my finances, as a student and professional, in my health, wellness, and spirit, I have discovered that when I am laser focused, I experience incredible success; when I am less focused, I am less successful. It is just the way of nature, yet no one ever told me this. I have taken a lifetime to figure this truth out on my own, and there is no reason why you or anyone else needs to wait to discover what I have found to be true about FOCUS. FOCUS is a big key to success and happiness, and living a meaningful, purpose-driven  life.

Follow Those Who Have Been There Before

Most things I have experienced in my life, others have also experienced, in their own personal way. My personal achievements and happiness are of course my own. By sharing my failures and successes, others learn more rapidly. That is why I created the "I FOCUS" Community as the right place for others to support you in your own personal journey toward Focused Success at the highest plateau, in all life spheres.

My Development as a Guide for Others

I have been around the world, with many achievements different industries, and had a fulfilling hockey career. I have also been married, became a parent, and got divorced. I have owned apartment buildings, started businesses, and have joined the "over 50" club.  I have lost and found happiness and focus many times on my life's journey. Now is my time to guide you along your journey of discovery, failure, and success to Find Your Focus, on your terms along your own, individual path.