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Personal Growth through Positive Thinking

Personal Growth through Positive Thinking

Personal Growth through Positive ThinkingPersonal Growth through Positive Thinking

Discover the 7 Keys to Focus.....


The Secret to Finding Your Focus..........Is NO SECRET at all!!!!!

Balancing strategies and guidance to zero in on what your desire, why you desire it, and what you are willing to give in return for that which you desire is one of the Keys to Focused Success..........Successful people have known this for centuries, and now you can too. You have the same power, when properly guided.

Seven Keys to Focused success


Your Focus Formula

Key to the "6-Step Focus" Formula is that you identify and focus in on exactly what you desire, why you desire it, and what you are willing to do to get it. You stay true to that which you desire. By clearly defining your Desire, you can remain present to its' importance to you. This is one of the keys to maintaining and sustain your focus in all areas, long-term.  


Supportive Guidance

We will help you realize your dreams, achieve your goals, and fulfill on your purpose....Staying focused is a practice which is commonly not taught, however it can be learned. Supportive Guidance through the process is one of the keys to success. Knowing which stone to step on next, which curve and path to follow is best discovered when properly guided along.


Prioritize Tasks and Take the Next Step

Remember you cannot manage time. You can only manage tasks, and this is best done by focusing on your plans, and Taking Your Next Step. When you know what to do, it is much easier to maintain and sustain your focus when unexpected things come up, which they always do. Prioritizing your tasks, having an organized plan, and having the guidance to know what the next step is can make your life so much simpler, enjoyable, and happier.


Generate Excitement and Connecting Feelings

What excites you is one of the things that will naturally allow you to maintain your focus. When we engage our feelings and emotions we have the ability to generate excitement. When we are excited about something, it raises our energy level, or vibration. This is usually a good thing and something that we enjoy. When you find what excites you, it is easy to remain focused and stay on your path. Elevated energy or higher vibration levels are ways to connect, focus, and succeed in the desired direction.


Working through Challenges and Obstacles

Even when you are able to find your focus, life continues to come at you, faster and faster. Over the course of your life, it seems there are more and more obstacles and distractions to take you off your game. Like golf, your life is an individual contest with yourself. There are obstacles you will have to understand and accept in order to get beyond them.  and sustain your focus over the long term, in all areas of your life. Life is designed to put obstacles in your way. The question is can you stay focused on your desire while maneuvering around life's obstacles? Of course you can, with help.


Looking in the Mirror, Convincing Yourself First

Most people are not willing to take a real, hard look at themselves in the mirror and face what they see. The truth is we become what we convince ourselves we are. What we tell ourselves all day, everyday is what we subconsciously focus on and what manifests in our lives.  Whatever you convince yourself of and focus on will ultimately come true for you in your life. This is the power of your sub-conscious mind and the Law of Auto-Suggestion.  You can convince yourself of anything, when you focus on it.


Wash-away and Rejuvenate

Like a piece of canvas that has already been painted on, you want to cleanse your mind and your environment in order to create and focus on what you really want. Clearing your mind and rejuvenating your consciousness allows you to eliminate distractions, diversions, and energy-drains that take your attention away from your desire. Focus takes a conscious effort which at first may seem difficult to do on your own. With guidance and practice, this will become easier and easier for you.


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