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The First Cornerstone to Find Your Focus is Awareness. When you become aware of something you can then manage it. Like a light beam, Focus is no different. Heighten awareness of the principles of focus is key to you Finding, Maintaining, and Sustaining Focus in all areas of your life. Awareness is the First Cornerstone of Focus.


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Once you become Aware of something, it is at your fingertips to Control, at your discretion.  As common as visible light, Focus is a skill that we all possess. A skill which can be sharpened, honed, and controlled to be used like a tool for success. Controlling  your Focus is the Second Cornerstone in the Find Your Focus program. Greater Awareness leads to Greater Control.


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The Third Cornerstone of Focus is Direction. This is where you take your awareness and control to the next level to narrow your beam and direct it to your benefit. When you learn and know how to direct your focal energy, there is literally nothing in your world that you can not create.  It is amazingly true and powerfully apparent when you learn to Focus.


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What we all want in life is Happiness, Meaning, and Significance, and this is achieved through the art and skill of becoming and remaining laser-focused. The Forth Cornerstone of this program is Meaning & Significance. When  your focus practice produces meaning and significance, it will energize you, motivate you, and encourage you.

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